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Three-pronged glass house rises in Vermont

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Floor-to-ceiling glazing frames breathtaking views

Interior shot of living room with cathedral ceiling clad in wood paneling, and glass walls on three sides looking out onto nature landscape.
The living room is enclosed in glass on three sides.
Photos via Dezeen

Another nature-embracing home has sprung from the breathtaking surroundings of Vermont. But this time, instead of incorporating vernacular cabin architecture like this shed-roof micro house and guesthouse do, the Glass Trefoil House in Stowe employs a unique, tri-point layout—hence its namesake.

Designed by Boston-based practice J. Roc Design, the contemporary residence sits on a preexisting foundation that included a triangular hearth. This shape begat the three square wings that now emanate from this center, as in a three-leafed clover, but with hard edges instead of curves.

The home is separated into zones, conveniently demarcated by each of three wings on two levels. On the main floor, a kitchen and dining room are located in the south protrusion, while a glass-walled living room is found in the northwest section, and three bedrooms including the master suite in the northeast point. Crucially, this level provides for uninterrupted wheelchair access throughout, including on the deck that wraps around most of the exterior.

The basement level features a garage, game room, and two additional bedrooms plus a sauna, all accessed by a wood-and-steel staircase that connects the two floors. To read more, head on over to Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen