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Martha’s Vineyard modern home is all glass walls and ocean views

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ocean view living room Photo by David Sundberg/Esto via Dezeen

Tasked with designing a retreat on the scenic Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Cape Cod, the architects at Connecticut’s Gray Organschi Architecture and New York’s Schiller Projects looked to the landscape for guidance. The site, gently sloped, was surrounded by farmland and ocean views. It would take a tranquil old barn-style abode to fit in, they decided.

The resulting L-shaped Chilmark House is clad in charred cedar, with large glass walls and terraces throughout. The main living areas are on the free-flowing upper level, while bedrooms, media room, a gym, and more are on the lower level. Almost all of the rooms can be accessed from the exterior.

The architects also designed much of the interior finishes and furniture, from the living room pendant lights to the custom hand-carved walnut table and anchors the dining room. Have a few more peeks, below.

Via: Dezeen