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Antique Marfa railroad barn now available through silent auction

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Size doesn’t matter

A tiny wooden barn with tin roof set by a dusty road.
Go on, make them an offer they can’t refuse.
Photos via Aufmarket

Marfa, Texas, continues to occupy a special place in the popular imagination of artists, designers, and literary folks, thanks, in part, to Donald Judd’s enduring legacy, as well as to the setting of cult-book-turned-show I Love Dick (which premieres on Amazon Prime on May 12).

For those looking to make that tiny West Texas town home, a 1930s railroad barn is now offered by way of silent auction through Aufmarket. Though details are slim, the simple structure, carefully refurbished over a period of 18 months, features a new cedar ceiling, wood floors, white paneled walls, and original trusses and beams.

The one-room—dare we say—tiny house is what you might call bare-bones. But its rustic, worn exterior and tin roof evoke such strong images of wiry cowboys and dusty, desert roads that size hardly matters, even in a place like Texas.

If these past listings are any indication, this romantic abode most likely won’t come cheap. But go ahead, make an offer. You’ve got 14 days.

Via: Aufmarket