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Shipping container hotel offers eco-friendly getaway for surfing nomads

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Simple housing for up to 13 people

shipping container hotel All photos via ArchDaily

This eco-friendly shipping container hotel near Litomerice, Czech Republic, is the perfect getaway for nomads looking for a little surfing action. Containhotel, designed by Prague and Vienna-based Artikul Architects, is a seasonal, mobile hotel set on a surfing campsite on the Elbe river bank. And oh, it’s made of shipping containers.

There are five rooms for a maximum of 13 guests spread across the three containers. Two 20-foot modules form the base, which offers one guest room and basic facilities—a storeroom, a technical room, and bathroom. Upstairs, a 40-foot module hosts four more bedrooms that all share a terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows with scenic views.

The design of the hotel emphasizes maritime themes and eco-friendly features. Everything is made out of birch plywood, from the walls to the ceiling to custom furniture. There are rounded windows and a railing made of ropes and nets. The facade is covered with sunbreakers made of waste wood planks from a nearby sawmill and an awning covers the glazed wall to help control temperature during hot days. The facility also uses built-in water reservoir for the showers and sinks, as well as waterless toilets.

Via: ArchDaily, Contemporist