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Tiny house goes off-grid with big amenities

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And a big price tag

tiny house with floor-to-ceiling wood stove All photos via Tiny House Listing

Aching to get off the grid but can’t bear the thought of giving up a comfortable lifestyle? Well, this tiny home may just be the answer.

The Blue Heron is custom built by Canada-based Rewild Homes and is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. In 250 square feet, the house packs a whole lot in, including amenities you would expect of a larger, more luxurious home. There’s a floor-to-ceiling Morso wood stove, a glass shower, modern kitchen amenities, and recessed LED lighting.

Fir beam work and a cedar ceiling give the house a clean and minimalistic aesthetic with plenty of tucked-away storage, including cubbies under the staircase. The home, complete with solar panels and a battery system, is asking $78,000.

Via: Tiny House Swoon