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5 deliciously pink Instagrams to kick off your spring weekend

Why? Because they’re pretty

Corner of a boutique with plush pink chairs, walls, and brass trimmed circular mirrors and shelves, with a pattern of rose and gold colored circles on a white floor.
An India Mahdavi-designed boutique in London is all about pink.
Photo via The Spaces

It’s the last Friday in April, which means that summer is so close, you can almost reach out and touch it. It’s also an excuse to present a curated selection of our favorite abstract Instagram picks from the past month.

(Okay, fine, they all happen to be pink—even though we may or may not be over the of-the-moment color.)

Still, what is it about artfully cropped, or otherwise detailed-zoom shots that intrigue us so? What lurks just beyond the frame? (Probably a whole mess of wires, or a little pile of trash, we’d like to think.) Guess we’ll never find out.

Without further ado, here are five springy, pastel-tinged ’grams that are more than worthy of your likes.

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