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Burly off-road camper still boasts high-end amenities

Luxury that can go anywhere

If you love luxury camping style but don’t want the limitations of a pull-behind trailer, may we suggest the go-anywhere Atacama 6300 RV. Made by Austrian-based Action Mobil, the Atacama is a powerful all-terrain motorhome that combines rugged performance with high-end interiors.

Most motorhomes struggle to climb mountain passes and would never make it on a remote, rutted out dirt road. But Action Mobil’s luxury mobile homes are extensively tested off-road, and they use four-wheel-drive to handle expeditions in deserts, mountains, or anywhere else.

The Atacama 6300 4x4 camper is powered by a 540-horsepower diesel engine and has everything you need to be in the wilderness for weeks at a time. The 158-gallon fuel tank, 184-gallon fresh water tank, and solar panels mean that you won’t run out of supplies, and floor heating and air conditioning keep you comfortable.

Inside, the Atacama sleeps four adults and even boasts a full-size shower, washer and dryer, fridge, freezer, microwave, and induction stove top. Pull-out cabinets hold dishes, coffee makers, cooking supplies, and a sleek dining room with U-shaped sofa offers more storage and seating for up to six people.

Under the bed there is a dust-protected mountain bike garage that holds at least a couple of bikes, and the camper can also come with a hydraulic motor bike lift. High-end LED lighting, Bose bluetooth speakers, and a satellite tracking system round out the amenities.

Price for the Atacama 6300 is available upon request, but be warned it isn’t cheap. The entry level motorhomes made by Action Mobil start around $300,000 and large, custom builds can easily run into the millions.