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New lightweight electric bike is ready for urban commutes

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Don’t sacrifice style for function

The Propella 2.0 e-bike for sale now starting at $799.
All images courtesy of Propella Bikes

Electric bikes aren’t exactly glamorous. Many of them have stubby frames and small wheels that may work great for commuting, but lack the style of white-walled beach cruisers or other townie bikes.

Seattle-based Propella set out to defy those stereotypes. Their new Propella 2.0 e-bike—which just launched on Indiegogo today—is an electric pedal-assist bicycle that makes getting up those urban hills a cinch. The Propella is 34.5 pounds, features a removable 36 volt 6.8 ah battery that can take you up to 40 miles on one charge, and boasts an aero-shaped alloy frame that looks much more like a traditional bike than the Propella’s competitors.

When riding the Propella, you can choose your pedal assist (PAS) level from an LED display—the higher the PAS level, the more power from the motor. And if you want a workout, just leave the level at “0” and feel the burn. There are two model options, a single-speed and a 7-speed bike that gives you more flexibility of gears and the option for long distance riding without the need for electric assist.

The Propella’s minimalist design looks a lot the “fixie”—a bike with a drivetrain but no freewheel mechanism—bicycles that are popular around the country. A sleek black frame and anodized blue rims are cool without being too flashy, and the e-bike’s battery sits inconspicuously on the frame. But while fixie bikes require a lot of skills (not to mention the cardio) to ride, the Propella gives you style and some electric help.

At its core, the Propella is a bicycle that happens to have electric-assist, not a clunky e-bike that looks—and rides—nothing like a real bicycle. A single-speed Propella starts at $799 on Indiegogo, while the 7-speed will cost you $949. Head over here for more.