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Award-winning riverside promenade provides public and green space in Slovenia

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Local firm Enota won an Architizer A+ Award for the Promenada

A shallow river straddled by concrete angular steps of varying height and depth that allow pedestrians to walk beside the water.
The Promenada was built to reconnect the townspeople with the river.
Photos by Mirana Kambiča via Dezeen

If our roundup of the year’s must-see landscape architecture included international spots, then this reimagined promenade in Velenje, Slovenia surely would have made the cut. Designed by Enota and a winner of a 2016 Architizer A+ Award, the Promenada cuts a path on either side of the River Paka, which runs through the garden city.

A series of steps, terraces, and platforms of varying height and depth are arranged at angles right along the riverbed, allowing pedestrians to walk, gather, or relax by the water in a space that combines the built environment and greenery.

The promenade also incorporates a small stage and amphitheater-like seating for public performances. A narrow bridge connects the two banks, while walkways spread outward to connect to surrounding buildings, streets, and plazas.

In renovating the Promenada, Enota, talking to Dezeen, hoped to “supply the city with the missing programs and to help it reclaim its original character of a town-in-a-park ... The river may once again claim an important spot in the townspeople's consciousness.”

Via: Dezeen