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Off-the-grid fishing boat is built for camping

The simple platform boat gets an extreme upgrade

The Raptor platform boat allows people to pitch a tent while they fish.
All photos courtesy of Raptor Boats

Burly adventure campers are popping up everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before someone took the off-the-grid lifestyle and applied it to the water.

The Raptor XL Platform Fishing Boat uses four air decks connected by a 50cm diameter tube to create a somewhat sinister looking extreme boat that you can stay on for days. The structure is built using durable five-layer PVC in 1100 Decitex, a special anti--slip material on the top of the deck, and takes two high-pressure air pumps to inflate.

Unlike fancy yachts or sailboats that have built-in cabins, most platform boats are designed to fish all day and then head back onto shore at night. But with the Raptor you can camp on the water, thanks to 15 D-ring tent mounts that let you pitch a tent right on the platform.

The boat can hold a fairly large tent on its 150 square feet, sleeping two to four people comfortably. Other helpful features include handgrips, a drainage system that quickly rids the boat of any excess water, and a repair kit just in case things go south.

The Raptor is priced at $2,665. Head over here for more.