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Sleek multi-family housing complex unfolds in Luxembourg

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Oh, the geometry!

unfurling housing complex Images by Steve Troes Fotodesign via Designboom

If you like triangles, aluminum panels, and creative multi-family housing, you’ll love this odd new 15-unit building in Luxembourg. Designed by the architects at Metaform, the scaled, crescent-shaped complex is made of six semi-nested forms—looking a little like the articulated segments of a giant glass-and-metal centipede.

But the building’s unique shape was dictated by more mundane requirements. The lot is a curved one, so the structure follows the interior bend of the street. The large facets of the building’s facade are simply taking advantage of the maximum allowable volume, stair-stepping down the hillside to accommodate the site’s sloped terrain.

The mostly-metal north side of the building allows for more privacy facing the street, while the large windows of the south and west sides were designed to take advantage of natural light and views. Green rooftops provide further separation between apartments.

Via: Designboom