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Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape modular speaker system is an interior design dream

For the audiophile and design-head alike

A modern room with sleek furniture features a honeycomb pattern made up of hexagonal tiles covered in fabric.
The BeoSound Shape speaker system can incorporate up to 44 speakers.
Photos via Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, the Danish electronics company, has taken the speaker-as-furniture (or decor, in this case) concept and mounted it on the wall. Unveiled at Salone del Mobile this week, the BeoSound Shape is a modular wireless speaker system made up of hexagonal speakers and acoustic panels that can be arranged in a variety of graphic, geometric combinations.

Each hexagonal tile serves as a speaker, amplifier, or acoustic damper, with a luxe wool covering by Kvadrat that comes in an array of hues like gray, dusty pink, navy blue, and army green—all mix-and-matchable, of course. The pieces easily clip together, allowing users to dictate the size, shape, color scheme, and sound performance of the speaker system.

In addition to its forward-thinking interior design potential, the BeoSound Shape also promises customizable audio features that may perk up the ears of audiophiles. At the center of the system is a connectivity hub that lets users stream music directly from a phone or tablet. The ability to integrate multiple speakers also means that listeners experience music as if a band were playing in the room, no matter where they stand (or sit). The panels also act as acoustic enhancers, improving the overall sound quality of the space.

The starter package includes eight tiles—four speakers, two dampeners, one amplifier, and one core—but can be expanded to as many as 44 speakers. It is currently priced at €4,000, or approximately $4,250, and expects to go on sale starting in August. Head over to The Verge for a brief review.

Via: Wired