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Minimalist furniture from ‘Out of Necessity’ is designed to last

The brand debuted at Salone de Mobile

minimal coat rack Out of Necessity

Millennials aren’t as mobile as past generations, but you wouldn’t know that from the growing wave of designers dedicated to creating high-quality furniture that doesn’t disintegrate the minute you need to move. Now, the ranks of millennial-driven furniture—from the likes of Burrow, Artifox, and Crisscross—will be further swelled by industrial designer Martin Gschwandtl and his new furniture line, Out of Necessity, just launched at Salone del Mobile this week.

Gschwandtl’s work has a familiar minimal, sleek, and vaguely Scandinavian look, relying on blonde woods and white panels. His first product, a flat-pack coat rack made of solid ash and powder coated steel, is assembled from just six pieces, held together by reinforced, threaded-metal inserts—so no particle board holes. The parts also all fit onto the rack’s shelf for easy carrying when disassembled.

“Moving is always a hassle,” Gschwandtl told Co.Design. “No matter how careful you are, it seems nearly impossible to disassemble and assemble a cheap piece of furniture without breaking it. The other extreme is when the pieces you need to move cannot be collapsed at all. Anyone who has experienced living in a place with a narrow staircase knows what I am talking about.”

Gschwandtl is working with manufacturers to bring the coat rack to market, with an expected cost of under $500—for that price, it’d better last you 50 moves.

Via: Co.Design