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Japanese apartment complex maximizes light and air


Japanese housing complex All photos via Designboom

Living in a dense area can make it difficult to get quality light and air. Over in Saitama, Japan, this asymmetrical building was cleverly designed especially to maximize physical and visual porosity.

The seven-unit apartment building is designed by local architecture firms Eureka and Maru. Everything is structured around letting in the maximum amount of air and light. The mass of the building was designed according to the ratio of viewable sky from the road. Open balconies and staircases punctuate the facade, creating L-shaped openings to bring wind into the interiors.

The building is elevated on pilotis, creating an open public space for the residents on the ground level. In an attempt to integrate the facade of the building with the streetscape, the designers put in several handrails, soffits and stair landings so that residents can hang their belongings on them. A closer look, below.

Via: Designboom