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London brick house built atop an old prison is a hidden jewel


brick house in London All photos by Tim Soar.via Dezeen

It may be a little hard to find this brick home, so much so that the architects named it the “Hidden House.” Nestled among historic buildings in London’s Clerkenwell neighborhood, this dwelling sits atop a former 19th-century Victorian prison vault.

Designed by local practice Coffey Architects for Selim Bayer, an architect at Istanbul firm Flat C/ Architecture, the 775 square-foot residence was specifically designed to not draw attention to itself on the exterior while maximizing space and light.

Inside, everything is streamlined, but not without some show-stopping moments thanks to angular light wells laid out in a checkerboard pattern. "From anywhere in the house, you are able to gaze at the skies; which evokes a very pleasant feeling of presence, where the intimate scale expands beyond the confinements of the space," Bayer told Dezeen.

Storage is integrated into the walls. Bespoke oak furniture matches the oak paneling. Floor-to-ceiling windows open up to a shared garden and a private patio.

Sustainability measures were also put in place. Concrete slabs are used for flooring to retain heat, while full-height sliding glazing and operable roof lights allow passive cooling.

"This special place is hidden, part building, part garden, mostly sky. It's difficult to find, but well worth the effort," said architect Phil Coffey.

Via: Dezeen