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Brooklyn design studio Good Thing launches furniture, rugs, and more

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All the products are minimalist and functional

Good Thing, the Brooklyn-based purveyor of North American design products, is getting into the home furnishings business, expanding their line of small objects like “ping pong” mirrors and candleholders to include furniture, rugs, and lighting.

Founded in 2014 by Jamie Wolfond, the company collaborates with designers and studios from all around the world to create affordable, everyday, minimalist items for the masses.

For this launch, Good Thing worked with Toronto-based MSDS, New York-based Chen Chen & Kai Williams, as well as with Visibility, and Sam Anderson, the latter two of which have worked with Good Thing on prior projects.

MSDS created a pure aluminum alloy stacking stool with a round base that was inspired by American midcentury manufacturing. An aluminum band stretches across the center of the cage-like foundation.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams contributed a powder-coated steel and aluminum magazine holder, as well as a set of small, circular tables of varying heights made of natural ash, and whose join fasteners are capped with abalone shell.

Visibility, the duo behind these delightful mirrors, designed a series of pendant lamps that resemble the cabin of a space shuttle. Rendered in frosted mouth-blown glass, the smooth, UFO-like pieces come in white or pink and a variety of sizes and shapes.

As for Sam Anderson, Bauhaus inspired her hand-woven rugs, which feature abstract patterns of intersecting lines and bar and come in a range of colorways.

And finally, Wolfond created an oblong umbrella stand made from absorbent terracotta for the new launch.

Via: Design Milk