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Banksy takes on Brexit in latest mural

The artist’s new work shows a worker chipping away a star on the EU flag

Banksy mural on Brexit @Banksy/Instagram

The renowned graffiti artist known as Banksy has become increasingly political over the years—with works commenting on everything from government surveillance to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His latest mural, on the side of a four-story building in Dover, England, shows a worker standing atop a ladder in order to chisel away a star on the European Union flag. The anonymous artist confirmed responsibility for the work on Instagram.

The mural comes 10 months after the U.K.’s vote to leave the EU in a Brexit, and on the same day as the French presidential election—in which the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, campaigned for France to leave the EU.

The mural has already been vandalized by someone inking “The Clash” between two of the ladder’s lower rungs, according to the BBC. The Dover District Council plans to monitor the artwork over CCTV to prevent further damage.

Dover, England.

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Via: Dezeen, BBC