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Ikea’s Frakta bag inspires endless clever hacks

A fine Christmas stocking is the latest entry

ikea blue tote Ikea

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been updated with the most recent information.

Earlier this year, Ikea claimed to be “extremely flattered” by Balenciaga’s ode to its ubiquitous bright blue Frakta bag, which took the form of a blue leather tote with double straps and a $2,145 price tag. Since then, it’s thrown some shade at Balenciaga’s take with a not-so-cryptic ad that tells you all the ways to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag. Does it rustle? Is it only 99 cents? And so on.

Now, the saga has taken over Instagram, where designers are showing off their own clever homages and Frakta hacks. From hats to fanny packs (and even underwear), the DIY and design worlds may be in the midst of a Frakta craze.

The Frakta baseball cap, for example, whipped up by Los Angeles fashion brands Pleasures and Chinatown Market, is expected to go on sale later this month for $38. And a pocket vest made of three Frakta bags is going for $250. Not quite 99 cents!

The latest entry? A stocking reconstructed from a torn-apart Frakta bag that’s just in time for Christmas. The item, dubbed “The Swedish Stocking,” comes handmade and is selling for £40 ($26.75) in a limited edition of 50 stockings.

Bootleg Baubles

Below, check out more Frakta remixes to date, no less amusing than how people have hacked Ikea furniture.


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