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Off-the-grid adventure camper from EarthRoamer costs more than your house

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Behold, $438,000 of traveling luxury

The EarthRoamer XV-LTS in action.
All images courtesy of EarthRoamer

If vintage teardrop trailers or retro campers aren’t quite luxurious enough for your tastes, look no further than the hand-built expedition vehicles from Colorado-based EarthRoamer.

Started in 1998—with the first prototype built in 2003—EarthRoamer builds four wheel drive campers and trucks that can go anywhere and do anything. But all that flexibility comes at a cost. EarthRoamers are some of the most expensive expedition vehicles on the market, with a brand new EarthRoamer XV-LTS starting at $438,000.

What do you get for the price of a starter home in America’s most expensive cities? The XV-LTS is built on a four-wheel drive, turbo diesel, Ford F-550 chassis to ensure that no muddy road will thwart your travels. The camper is also completely self sufficient—with no propane or noisy generator—and is powered with 1,200 watts of solar power stored in large batteries.

Inside, the camper boasts a high efficiency refrigerator, lighting, and fans, so as long as the EarthRoamer is outside and exposed to daylight, you can run everything in the cabin for extended periods of time without plugging in.

And just because you are off-the-grid doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice life’s every-day luxuries. The EarthRoamer’s hefty price tag offers top-notch interiors available in completely customizable woods and finishes, with an over-cab king-size memory foam bunk and room to sleep 2-4 people depending on the floor plan.

The interior cabin of the EarthRoamer XV-LTS.
All images courtesy of EarthRoamer

The main cabin area provides dinette seating for six with an expandable, swiveling kidney table that can stow out of the way when traveling. Dual-pane, German engineered acrylic windows and a roof hatch feature integrated shades and bug screens and let in plenty of light.

Add an optional entertainment package includes an HD satellite TV, Bose surround sound, and loads of places to charge your electronics and this thing might be nicer than your home. Throw in a heated bathroom—complete with a cassette toilet and mirror—and a full granite countertop kitchen and the EarthRoamer is tricked out with plenty of amenities to help survive a storm or two.

If the weather is nice, you’ll appreciate the exterior kitchen, 16-foot electric awning, and LED lighting around the camper. There are also two exterior storage lockers that can fit skis, fishing rods, tool boxes, and more.

If you’re interested, head over to EarthRoamer and put your name on the year-long waiting list. Then start saving up the few hundred thousand dollars to buy one.

The bunk and main cabin area of the EarthRoamer.
Courtesy of EarthRoamer
The outside kitchen.
Courtesy of EarthRoamer