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Arckit launches two new architectural modeling systems

Cityscape and Masterplan let you become the mastermind behind your ideal city

Shot of small architectural model made of plastic pieces in a variety of roof shapes in white and pastel colors.
Arckit Cityscape is aimed at the budding urban planner.
Photos via Dezeen

Arckit, the Irish company that makes freeform architectural modeling systems, has expanded its offerings to include two new sets: one aimed at children, and another for professionals.

Arckit Cityscape combines modular pieces in a range of shapes that come in pastel colors and “architect’s white,” allowing kids ages six and up to build their dream city. Tiles in a variety of sizes, iconic roof types, ramps, and other components are easily snapped together (like Legos) to create towers, courtyards, low-rise units, and all manner of buildings, which can then be arranged into a small urban center, complete with public spaces.

With Arckit Masterplan, professionals can enjoy the same level of creativity and ease of assembly, but with additional components that allow for the construction of taller buildings, bridges, districts, and more complex structures. Masterplan even comes with realistic facade stickers to help take your project to the next level.

Cityscape is available in three sizes—Cityscape, Cityscape XL, and Cityscape XXL—while Masterplan comes in a basic and pro set. Both programs are compatible with each other. The project is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

Via: Dezeen