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Inside a concrete Buddhist shrine carved into a hill

By Beijing-based Arch Studios

Exterior shot from above of a long walkway lined with white pebbles and walled by concrete walls and a grassy roof.
A long, pebbled walkway leads into the submerged shrine.
Photos by Wang Ning and Jin Weiqi via Dezeen

A sculptural Buddhist shrine has opened in Tangshan, a city in north China’s Hebei province, continuing the trend of simple yet striking spiritual centers that use natural materials and the surrounding landscape to create an environmentally immersive experience.

Designed by Beijing-based Arch Studios, the place of meditation draws on the ideals of Buddhism that include being in harmony with nature. As such, the concrete program appears to have been carved from a hilly site and is arranged around mature trees found there. This scheme establishes a unique floorplan that comprises tendril-like offshoots that emanate from a communal space.

A long walkway leads into the center, where a glazed tea room opens onto a courtyard and river on one side, and on the other, the shrine is ensconced. Here, a statue of Buddha sits within one of the small “wings,” and is illuminated by one of the many geometric skylights found throughout.

Textured concrete makes up the exterior and interior walls, while pale terrazzo makes up the flooring. Grass covers the roof, which is marked by the afore-mentioned openings, some of which have trees poking through. Head to Dezeen for more.

Via: Dezeen