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The best kitchen decor to buy right now

Spice things up

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Kitchens really take a beating. The casual cook contends with spills, singes, and smoke-outs on the regular, as well as less practical (but no less important) concerns—like the sculptural qualities of a stovetop kettle.

In the market for deeply attractive, deeply practical kitchenware? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered 10 tea towels, Dutch ovens, knife sets, and more—at a range of price points and styles.

Printed tea towels, Hawkins New York, $16
Bring a hint of nature to your kitchen with these jungle and beachside-inspired cotton-linen blend towels by designer Alyson Fox. Bonus: They’re available in five vivid designs, so you can keep at least one in rotation at all times.
Enamel aroma pot, Riess, $195
Tackle sauces, casseroles, and more in this 7-inch, porcelain-clad steel dutch oven from a 400-year-old Austrian manufacturer.
Vitamix Ascent Series blender, Williams Sonoma, $399.95
The Vitamix is the unicorn of small appliances: It turns grains to flours, and makes juices, nut butters, smoothies, frozen drinks, and soups. Did we mention it also self-cleans in less than 60 seconds?
Speckled cup, Good Thing, $18
This cup by Silo Studio is business at the top and party at the bottom. Handmade and one of a kind, these glasses are already filled with personality. Make them your own by filling them with a beverage of choice.
Staub essential French oven, Jet, $199.95
We've hear a lot about how to dress like the French, but wouldn't we rather cook like them? This cast-iron cocotte will be your guide. Its signature Chistera lid has spikes that continuously self-baste to roast the most delectable chicken and more. It’s available in white and deep red.
Pomme gold-plated knives, Kettle and Brine, $115
These 24-karat-gold-plated bread, cheese, and petite knives will be the belle of the buffet.
Stainless steel cookware set,60 Cookware, $699
Though they look like your everyday pots and pans, this six-piece stainless steel set comes equipped with Vapor technology, which is said to lock in flavors and nutrients, heat your food faster, and deliver delicious meals. The set is made in Wisconsin.
Ettore electric kettle, MoMA Design Store, $50
Add some pop to your regular coffee routine with this melon-green Ettore Electric Kettle from the MoMA Design Store. Designed in 1988 by Ettore Sottsass for Danish kitchenware brand Bodum, this kettle saves energy by switching off as soon as water boils. At $50, you really can't go wrong.
Cold-brew iced coffee French press, All Modern, $31.99
Avoid the morning rush at your local cafe with this 12-cup, cold-brew French press from Bodum. Just add grounds and water and refrigerate overnight. Also available in a vibrant red.
Terracotta saucepot with lid, Sambonet, $165
Dishwasher safe and nine inches in diameter, this sage green cutie doubles as both cookware and colorful serveware. (Smaller sizes available in yellow and turquoise.)

Market editor: Kelley Carter

Photo editor: Audrey Levine

Photo intern: Renee Zhou


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