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Finally, a home exercise bike that’s not ugly

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High design meets your daily workout

The Fuoripista exercise bike.
All photos courtesy of Adriano Design

Exercise equipment is all about functionality. No one is putting a hulking black treadmill in their living room because it looks good, and most often those fortunate enough to have the space will hide their equipment in basements or behind office doors.

The Italian-made Fuoripista exercise bike is an anomaly. Designed to look like a fighting bull, the bike is made from tempered glass, wood, and chrome. It was created by Adriano Design—a company that’s also redesigned a pool table and a ping pong table—with the goal of reinterpreting home items in new ways.

Each bike comes with a Brooks saddle, two leather-wrapped bars that look like bullhorns, and a tempered glass frame that form the bull’s legs. But just because the bike was inspired by an animal doesn’t mean it lacks exercise functionality; a wooden stand provides a space for your tablet and the bike looks sturdy enough to handle your everyday workout routine.

The Fuoripista debuted at this year’s Salone del Mobile during Milan Design Week, along with top-notch new lighting and green everything. To see the other highlights of Salone, head over here.