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Modern home in Sydney lets you dine with a pool view

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Featuring a gorgeous combination of wood paneling and exposed concrete

View over North Bondi, Australia.
View over North Bondi, the Sydney suburb where the home is located.
Photo by Adam.J.W.C./Wikimedia

This exquisite Sydney area home has a number of drool-worthy features, starting at the street. Its gridded facade is made primarily of wood-framed metal screens which will one day be overgrown by the home’s newly planted vines. Even with this living wall still in progress, the abode looks both homey and industrial, with a slight retro flair.

Designed by local firm CplusC Architectural Workshop, the house was built for a family who wanted a private retreat where they could also entertain. The screened wall surrounding the home provides the necessary privacy, shielding an outdoor entrance courtyard.

But an elegant use of warm-hued wood creates an air of welcome. Passing through the home’s pivoting front door brings you into a hall with steps leading down into the main entertaining space and a staircase leading up to the bedrooms.

The open ground floor was made for entertaining, with a large kitchen and sunken dining room and living room. A stunning glass-walled pool abutting the space offers a natural focal point, and the pool’s open ceiling brings in natural light. It’s simply gorgeous.

Via: Contemporist