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Ikea kitchen cabinets hacked with plywood by new company Plykea

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Plykea: plywood + Ikea. Get it?

Interior shot of kitchen with white countertops and plywood cabinets with brass handles.
Plykea offers three different handle types and two options for fronts.
Photos via Plykea

Ikea’s hack-ability does not stop at Frakta totes, stools, or even smart sofas. Nor does it stop at consumers looking to spiff up their versatile finds. A new London-based company called—get this—Plykea has made it their business to hack Ikea kitchen cabinets.

Founded by two friends Tim Diacon, a design director, and Adam Vergette, a furniture designer who previously worked as head of production at Vitsoe, Plykea creates bespoke plywood doors, drawer fronts, worktops, and cover panels for Ikea’s Metod series of kitchen cabinets.

"IKEA makes great quality mass-manufactured furniture,” Diacon told Dezeen. “This naturally restricts the choice of materials they make available in their product range. What we add essentially is choice."

Plykea offers wood faced and Formica faced plywood on their pieces, which are all precision cut and hand-finished to ensure a perfect fit with the existing Ikea base. There are three handle options, including a classic (and Vitsoe-reminiscent) cut-out grab handle, circular cut-out grab handle, and a brass pull.

The month-old company also offers spacer panels to go between the cabinets, as well as Formica worktops available in two thicknesses. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen