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Concrete barrel roof tops renovated seaside house

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concrete barrel-vaulted roof on a house Photos by Xia Zhi, Chen Hao and Chen Zhenqiang via Dezeen

Concrete residential architecture soars to new heights in this renovation completed by Beijing-based Vector Architects, the same studio behind an incredible concrete beach library and minimalist chapel. This time around, the firm added a barrel-vaulted concrete roof to an existing house along a rocky peninsula in China’s Fujian province. It’s a bold statement that manages to blend into the surrounding blues and grays while expanding livable space and ocean views for the residence.

The ability to add a third floor at all comes from reinforced structural support by way of a new 12-inch concrete wall, which is part of a thorough revamp for a house that had been suffering from terrible leaks. The rounded roof makes sure rain runs off quickly.

Inside, the new top level offers a multi-purpose living area that can serve as a guesthouse, gym, and private chapel. The bottom two levels, which contain the bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining areas, have been rearranged for better lighting and views.

Throughout the home, there is also built-in furniture carved into the thick walls, creating fab vistas via adjacent windows. These openings have protruding frames on the exterior, which also helps keep rainwater off the facades. See more photos here.

Via: Dezeen