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Home security monitor Lighthouse recognizes faces and activity

And lets you search through footage by voice

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smart home monitor Lighthouse

Self-monitoring security systems are some of the most popular bits of smart home tech. So it’s no surprise that connected security cameras are getting more tricked-out than ever. The latest is Lighthouse, a smartphone-connected camera outfitted with 3D sensors for identifying faces and activity, as well as voice-controlled search.

Like the well-known Nest Cam, a Lighthouse device costs hundreds of dollars ($399, to be exact) in addition to a $10-per-month subscription fee. In exchange, users can get text messages when their kids sneak into the TV room late at night or if an unrecognized intruder enters the home. You can also elect to get notifications about the movements of specific individuals—tracked either by their faces or smartphones—so that you’ll get a notification if someone is or isn’t home by a particular time.

But the most unique feature is probably the ability to search for footage by voice request. Examples provided by the company include queries like “What did the kids do while I was out yesterday?” and “Has the cat done anything interesting since I left?” Lighthouse will then harness its intelligence to serve up the answer.

Yes, we’re likely to get even more amusing cat footage. But what about the darker side of the ever-more-connected home? Where’s the line between useful and creepy?

Via: MIT Technology Review