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Tiny house full of smart home features wants nearly $100K

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The ultimate mashup of two popular home trends

tiny house Covo Tiny House Co

You’ve read about tiny homes. You’ve read about smart homes. Now, Oregon’s Covo Tiny House Co has mashed them together in the Covo Mio, a 26-foot-long abode offering 330 square feet of living space. In many respects, the off-grid home is your standard issue tiny house: There’s a loft bed, composting toilet, and double-axle trailer base.

But for a steep price of $97,631, the home is also outfitted with high-tech amenities like a Nest thermostat, remote-controlled smart door lock, bluetooth sound system, LED lights, built-in USB ports, 50-inch TV, Amazon Echo, and a Wink Hub to rule them all.

Research shows that millennials are happy to pay more for housing with smart features like keyless locks and connected entertainment systems. Whether or not that will translate to the tiny house market, builders seem ready to supply ever more tricked out models. The Covo Mio is just the latest in a growing field of high-cost tiny houses.

Via: New Atlas