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Solar-powered modern home has gardens on every floor


All photos by Jeremias Thomas via Designboom

Stellar eco-friendly homes topped with vegetation and solar panels are always fun to see, but this project in Buenos Aires, Argentina gets particularly creative with it. Sustainability-minded at every step, starting with selecting a site in a walkable and bikeable neighborhood, the architects at Bam! Arquitectura created a “3D garden” of sorts, where each level of the home has access to greenery.

On the ground floor, the airy house’s open-plan living, dining, and kitchen areas open up to gardens on the front and back (where there’s also a covered patio and pool.) But at the center, there’s a sloped garden behind glass walls, with a set of steps that let you climb up to more gardens on the second level.

A bedroom on the second floor has its own entrance to the gardens on this level, which also features another sloped garden and corresponding stairs leading up to the highest roof. There, you’ll find seating and, of course, solar panels that power the home.

Via: Designboom