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Small space furniture by Studio Corelam was made to be moved

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The Tidal collection is made from the studio’s signature corrugated plywood

Shot of a leaning shelf, round side table, and coat rack all made of corrugated plywood set against a concrete wall in a plain room.
The Tidal collection comprises three pieces—all light and durable and meant to be moved.
Photos via Design Milk

As homes in urban centers continue to feel the squeeze, making the most of limited space with efficiently designed furniture has become a priority for some designers.

For Vancouver-based Studio Corelam, that priority is also their mission. Founded to develop simple yet functional products that improve everyday living, the design company developed an ultra-thin corrugated plywood—called Corelam—that is both durable and light. It is also sustainably produced with environmentally friendly materials.

Tidal, Studio Corelam’s first collection, comprises three pieces, all made from its wavy plywood, meant for small spaces. These include a leaning shelf, a combination coatrack and shelf, and a side table that can also be used as a stool or storage vessel.

Compact and easy to both assemble and take apart, the pieces can conveniently be moved within a space—and to a new home entirely. The neutral finish allows the furniture to blend in among a variety of different settings, while the wavy surface adds a bit of flair. Studio Corelam is now raising funds on Kickstarter to launch the Tidal collection.

Via: Design Milk