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Tetris-inspired kindergarten was built for play

Colorful clerestory windows bring natural light

Tetris-inspired nursery in Seoul Photos by Sergio Pirrone via ArchDaily

For decades, the block-like puzzle pieces of Tetris have supplied creative inspiration for artists, architects, and furniture makers around the globe. But the new Tetris Nursery in Seoul, South Korea is an especially playful take on the genre. Designed by local firm IROJE KHM Architects—who love to create elaborate and geometrically whimsical structures—the kindergarten space balances fun with opportunities for sparking education.

More than an efficient stack of classrooms, the building facilitates circulation between multipurpose play areas including a main hall, playground, stepped outdoor terrace, and roof garden. Many of the windows were given colorful tints, emphasizing the Tetris theme while giving kids the opportunity to interact with color and light. The roof garden plantings are another example of teachable space, giving students a chance to learn about growing plants.

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Via: ArchDaily