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From tiny houses to #vanlife: 21 Instagram accounts to follow now

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Instagram influencers living the dream

The exterior of a blue VW van. The van has a blue facade with a white roof.
#VanLife forever.

From tiny home living to selling everything so you can live on a boat, alternative lifestyles are all the rage these days. Part of their popularization stems from TV shows that show people downsizing and moving into Airstreams, modular tiny homes, or even boats. But the biggest window into alternative living right this second is Instagram.

Maybe it’s because the sky just looks bluer with a good filter (#Valencia4ever), but photos on Instagram inspire us to get outside and try living in ways we’d never have considered before. And even if you’re never going to move from your 3-bedroom oasis into a tiny houseboat, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream.

We’ve rounded up 21 awesome Instagram accounts so that you can fantasize living in everything from tree houses to teardrop trailers. This is aspirational travel at its best.

Vanlife Diaries (@vanlifediaries)-Life in a converted van

Zyl Vardos (@zylvardos)-A Washington-based architecture firm specializing in tiny houses and houseboats

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Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting)-Living full time in campers and treehouses

Cabin love (@cabinlove)-Lots of rustic cabin eye candy

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Rob Lutter (@roblutter)-Photographer biking his way around the world

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The Treehouse Movement (@treehousemovement)-Treehouses from around the world

Tiny House Creative (@tinyhousecreative)-A creative couple working out of a tiny house

Pete Nelson (@treehousepete)-A showcase of amazing treehouse designs

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The Magdalein Family (@theboatfam)-A family of four living on a 43-foot boat in the Bahamas

Whitney Leigh Morris (@whitneyleighmorris)-Tiny home living in Venice, California

Alison Turner (@alisontravels)-Converted van living with an adorable puppy

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Tiffany Mitchell (@tifforelie)-Photographer living life on the road

Kevin & Mandy (@188sqft)-A couple living life in an RV (with their cats and dogs!)

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Tiny House Movement (@tinyhousemovement)-A never-ending slew of lust-worthy tiny homes

The Wander Bug (@thewanderbug)-A custom VW camper traveling across America

The camper is owned by videographer @funforlouis.

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Captain & Charlie (@captainandcharlie)-A couple who lives on a sailboat in the Mediterranean

Ruthie Lindsey (@ruthielindsey)-Public speaker living life on the road

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Mavis the Airstream (@mavistheairstream)-A 1975 Airstream remodeled by a couple

Mitch Cox (@mitch.cox)-Photographer exploring Australia in a DIY camper

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Sail Me Om (@sailmeom)-A couple who quit their jobs to live full time on a sailboat

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Mike Basich (@mikebasich)-Professional snowboarder who has a tiny house in Lake Tahoe and a custom-built adventure van

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