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Omaha cyclists use toilet plungers to create a DIY bike lane

The ultimate cycling hack


To show what a protected bike line might look like at an intersection in Omaha, Nebraska, a group of bicycling advocates took a DIY-approach: using toilet plungers.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the activists glued 120 toilet plungers—all wrapped with reflective tape—onto a street in the Aksarben neighborhood. A sign at the site read, “Plungers for a Safer Aksarben,” as the surrounding streets have seen several serious car-on-car collisions, including a fatal crash in 2015.

Although the crashes did not involve bikes, cyclists are hoping that their actions will highlight the importance of protected bike lanes. One of the advocates, Stuart Nottingham, told the Omaha World-Herald, “The plan was to leave them out for 36 hours so people could see what a protected bike lane could do.”

When cyclists in Wichita, Kansas deployed plungers in February, it led to city officials installing protective posts along a stretch of a bike lane. And in Providence, Rhode Island, a similar display of plungers last week has prompted the city to consider doing the same.

In Omaha, city workers removed the plungers four hours after they were installed. The Omaha Public Works director said that the city had no plans to add protected bike lanes.

Omaha’s DIY plungers are the latest example of cyclists asking for safer streets. Just recently in San Francisco, protesters—all clad in yellow—formed a human barrier along city bike lanes to ask for more protected bike lanes and better bike infrastructure.

Via: Omaha World-Herald