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World’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel opens in China

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It’s the wheel thing baby

spokeless ferris wheel Xinhua via Designboom

Fancy Ferris wheels are an architectural form all their own. But the Bailang Bridge Ferris Wheel in Weifang, China, is a particularly stunning specimen. Standing roughly 476 feet tall (that’s more than 30 feet taller than the London Eye), the Bailang wheel is the world’s tallest spokeless design.

It’s also structurally unique, sporting a gridded scaffolding inspired by the cross-supports of kites. Unlike most Ferris wheels, where the carriages are affixed to a rotating ring, the main frame of the structure remains fixed while the carriages are pulled along by a moving outer ring.

Each of the wheel’s 36 carriages can carry up to ten people and are outfitted with Wi-Fi and television sets. But who would watch a TV when they have such an incredible view of the Bailang River below.

Xinhua via Designboom

Via: Designboom