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19th-century farm ruins transformed into sleek restaurant

A magnificent melding of old and new

farm ruins turned restaurant All photos by Eduardo Calvo Santisbón via Contemporist

The modern design of Chocholá, México’s gorgeous Ixi’im Restaurant was a true group effort. No fewer than four architecture studios had a hand in the renovation, which rehabilitated the 1800s engine house of a disintegrating farm. The collaborators—Central de Proyectos SCP, Jorge Bolio Arquitectura, Mauricio Gallegos Arquitectos and Lavalle / Peniche Arquitectos—strengthened and reconfigured the space with large steel beams, glass walls, and concrete reinforcements.

The mixture of old and new materials adds a contemporary flair to the ruin-like walls of the existing structure. As a striking touch, sections of agave rope are suspended from the ceiling of the main dining room, changing the acoustics of the space while featuring the handiwork of the last rope factory in Yucatan. Geometrically patterned black and white tiles help to unify the space, bridging the old and new from the entrance to the outdoor conversation pit.

Via: Contemporist