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Angular concrete house in Germany mimics a crystal

Get a load of its pared-back style

angular concrete house in Germany All photos via Dezeen

This concrete home by Steimle Architekten in Tübingen, Germany uses its angularity to create sweeping vistas of the neighborhood. The architects built the three-story, split-level house on a hexagonal ground plan and a gently rising terrain, which reinforces the crystal-like and sculptural quality of the structure. The concrete walls meet at odd angles, while a gabled roof also meets the wall in different directions.

"It is this oblique arrangement of the facades that enables the building to open out to the surrounding outdoor spaces and to offer its inhabitants unexpectedly expansive views in the distance," the architects told Dezeen.

Inside, expansive glass windows highlight the almost 20-inch thick concrete wall, while white-painted interior walls and pale oak furniture complement the pared down aesthetic. The angles continue through to finishing touches like the staircase and a kitchen island mimic the form of the house.

Via: Dezeen