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Frank Lloyd Wright's textile designs from 1955 available to buy now

The architect designed them for home design company Schumacher

Two patterns side by side. One is a series of square lines in shades of blue, the other a pattern of diamonds and triangles in blue and red.
Design 105 (left) and Design 107 (right).
Images via Schumacher

Ahead of what would have been Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday, home design company Schumacher, in collaboration with the Wright Foundation, has revived a collection of geometric-print textiles that the world-famous architect designed in 1955.

Prompted by House Beautiful editor Elizabeth Gordon, who introduced Wright to Schumacher, the collaboration was originally developed as part of the “Taliesin Ensemble,” a collection of furnishings for people who did not have the privilege of living in one of his homes. It was officially called “Schumacher’s Taliesin Line of Decorative Fabrics and Wallpaper” and included an array of textiles and wallpaper whose designs were hand-drawn by Wright.

While the original linens and hybrid fabrics have been brought back in the relaunch, new color palettes and schemes also make their debut. The designs include simple line patterns as well as diamonds, pyramids, and other graphic configurations produced in colorways like gray and yellow, blue and red, and brown and red. The textiles are available through Schumacher’s website.

Via: Wallpaper