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Kengo Kuma fills Portland restaurant with delicate bamboo screens

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Rather ethereal

Portland restaurant with bamboo screen canopy All photos by Jeremy Bittermann via Designboom

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is making moves in Portland, Oregon. Kuma, the architect behind Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Stadium and who just oversaw the expansion of the Portland Japanese Garden, has also designed the interiors of a Japanese restaurant in the city, hanging a series of vertical ‘sudare’ screens above the space.

Guests at Shizuku by Chef Naoko will be able to dine under Kuma’s screens, which act as both decoration and as a space divider. Japanese touches are omnipresent, from the material of the screens to the elevated floor seating in the restaurant. The screens are made out of thin bamboo sticks and form a delicate, curving canopy above.

Large glass windows open the restaurant out to the street, inviting people inside and bringing in natural light. When light filters through the screens, a soft illumination evokes the shape of an aurora.

Via: Designboom