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China’s metro systems have grown crazy fast since 1990


Peter Dovak

Transit nerd and graphic designer Peter Dovak is at it again, applying his talents to visualize the remarkable rise of China’s metro-line construction over the past 30 years. Before 1990, just three of the country’s cities had metro lines: Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tianjin. But by 2020, that number is expected to have swelled to more than 40 cities.

Shanghai and Beijing have seen tremendous growth, evolving into tangled webs of expanding subway lines now serving 2 billion and 1.84 billion respective rides a year—handily beating out NYC’s mere 1.6 billion rides.

This animated project comes shortly after “Mini Metros,” Dovak’s highly satisfying illustration of 220 metro and light rail systems around the world. And just like in its predecessor, the Chinese metro systems here are presented as minimal line drawings enclosed in a circle.

Check out more of Dovak’s work at his website:

Via: ArchDaily