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Portable furniture inspired by the urban push cart


transforming furniture Photos via Designboom

Clever multifunctional furniture never ceases to intrigue, the latest example being this collaboration between Hong Kong firm CL3 and New York City studio Lim + Lu, all alumni of the College of Art, Architecture, and Planning (AAP) at Cornell University. When tapped by the school’s dean for a project for AAP’s New York studio, the designers set about reimagining a common urban artifact: The push cart.

Used daily to transport all sorts of goods, the push cart spends a lot of its life upright, in various stages of transport, but it can also go hunker down in a horizontal manner. Recognizing these two modes of the push cart, the designers produced a series of work that elevates the wheeled device into portable furniture. There’s a coffee table that transforms into a bookshelf when upright, a bar cart that can be positioned upright or reclined, a sofa that becomes a coat rack when vertical, and more. Below, take a closer look at the series, which was unveiled during this month’s NYCxDesign celebration.

Via: Designboom