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World’s largest wind turbines installed off British coast

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Each one rises taller than the Gherkin building, with a rotation wider than the London Eye

large wind turbine in Liverpool Photo via Inhabitat

Denmark’s insanely powerful wind turbine now has 32 giant siblings off the coast of Liverpool, England. The massive additions to the Burbo Bank wind farm, which are now up and running, have whisked Britain into the world’s No. 1 spot for wind power production. Each turbine rises 640 feet in the air, with blades as long as nine double-decker buses arcing a circle larger than the London Eye.

Together, the country’s offshore wind turbines are capable of generating 5.3GW of power—enough energy for 4.3 million homes. More impressive to consider is that the new turbines are twice as powerful as state-of-the-art turbines installed just 10 years ago.

“That shows you something about the scale-up of the industry, the scale-up of the technology,” said Benjamin Sykes, the country manager for Dong Energy UK, the wind farm’s developer, in an interview with The Guardian.

Via: Inhabitat, The Guardian