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Tiny apartment does it all with tricked-out bed and storage nooks

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Ah, another clever space-making solution for an ultra-small abode

Naimi Architecture Via Dezeen

In the center of Barcelona, a charming and airy 270-square-feet apartment efficiently packs in everything you’d need, while leaving room for a splash of historic character. Like many of the city’s gorgeous modern renovations, the apartment features a traditional Catalan vault design and lovely tile floors.

But the home is uniquely outfitted with a space-saving platform bed containing ample storage and seating options while also physically separating the sleeping area from the living area without building full-height walls. The structure incorporates a double bed, two nightstands and electrical outlets, a closet, 11 drawers, additional hidden storage, and even a washing machine.

Designed by Naimi Architecture, the apartment also boasts five clever storage “nooks” recessed into the main wall between structural columns. The study nook holds electronics stations and a miniature desk behind 19th-century shutters. Another nook involves a large space-enhancing mirror above a set of built-in storage boxes. A third nook holds bookshelves and a wine rack, while the fourth and fifth nooks provide shelves for the kitchen.

Via: Dezeen