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Tiny house bookstore will travel around France

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It holds nearly 3,000 books

All photos via Tiny House Swoon

You’d better sit down for this. Over in France, the young couple behind the tiny house company La Maison Qui Chemine has melded two things people love: Creative tiny houses and quaint bookstores. Called “La librairie itinérante” (“The traveling bookstore”), the roughly 18-foot-long dwelling is sleek and modern on the outside, and an intimate bookworm heaven on the inside.

Whereas lots of tiny houses love to boast an airy interior with large windows, this design dedicates its walls to housing shelves full of books—almost 3,000 volumes to be exact. Indeed, sold as a prototype to a bookseller for about €30,000 (about $33,580), the tiny bookstore will be traveling around France, especially villages lacking bookshops. The space, which features bench seating around shelves, will host free evening gatherings. Rounding out the amenities is a small kitchen, dry toilet, and, of course, a lofted bed.

Via: Tiny House Swoon