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5 cool prefab homes you can order right now

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A white prefab farmhouse-style home with a solar panel on its roof. There is a sunset in the sky and the sky is purple, pink, and blue. The house is surrounded by trees and grass.
A built home from Ecocor’s Solsken Collection.

From early-20th-century Sears Catalog Homes to housing experiments by French modernist Jean Prouvé, prefab construction—that is, assembling a structure from components produced off-site—has had a rich, long history. Today, architects and designers continue to explore how the concept can create cost-efficient and sustainable housing.

Some of these efforts have produced prefab designs that are easy for anyone to configure, customize, and call their own. Without further ado, here are five of the most prefabulous homes you can claim for yourself right now. They come in all shapes and sizes and show just how sophisticated the prefab house has become.

The estimated costs listed below typically do not include extra fees associated with land, site preparation, shipping, and other miscellaneous expenses involved in bringing the project to fruition. Want more? Here are our roundups of affordable, eco-friendly, and stormproof prefab homes, plus prefab backyard studios.

Solsken Collection by Ecocor

A white house that has a solar panel on the roof. There is a lawn in front of the house. The house is lit on the inside with warm light. There are trees in the background. Ecocor
Two buildings and an outdoor seating area. There is a white building and a grey building. There are chairs and a table in the seating area.

Size: 323 to 2,685 square feet
Cost: $116,914 to $621,508 (turnkey)
Key features: Air-tight passive house design with solar-optimized orientation and high performance windows, 11 models to choose from, variety of exterior finishes [More info]

Pre-fabricated Accessible Technology Home (P.A.T.H.) by Philippe Starck with Riko

A large house with tall floor to ceiling windows. The house is surrounded by trees. There are chairs and a table next to the house.
A dining area with a table, chairs, kitchen, and light. The ceiling and cabinetry is wooden. Riko
A person walks next to a house that has two floors of floor to ceiling windows. There are multiple chairs on the outside of the house. The house is surrounded by trees.

Size: 1,855 to 4,530 square feet
Cost: Starting at $240 per square foot
Key features: Customizable façades, roof types, finishes, fixtures, lighting options; can integrate photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection, and heat pumps [More info]


Size: 352 square feet
Cost: Starting at $150,000
Key features: Integrated smart home devices (speakers, lights, thermostat, etc.), airy and minimal interior, built-in furnishings [More info]

Flex House by Shelter Dynamics

A small grey house with a curved roof. There are various assorted houseplants in front of the house. There are chairs and a table outside on the side of the house.
A kitchen area. The cabinetry is blue and there is a metallic silver refrigerator. There is a window over the sink. Green Builder Media
A bedroom. There is a large bed with light grey bed linens and a blue throw blanket. There is a window over the bed. The cabinets and walls are painted white.

Size: 760 square feet
Cost: $125,000 to $150,000 (base)
Key features: Built-in seating and storage, smart home integrations, sustainability-minded features like a greywater recycling system, smart irrigation controller, and a EV charging station [More info]


A concrete block home at night lit from within with a huge glass expanse making up the front of the home showing an open-plan living room and kitchen area and stairs leading up to a sleeping loft.
A living area. The walls are wood and there is a tan couch with multiple throw pillows. There are stairs to the side of the couch. Kodasema
A bedroom area. The bed is a green cushion that sits on the floor. There are two thin black light fixtures above the bed.

Size: 269 square feet
Cost: $125,000
Key features: Vacuum-insulated concrete construction, smart home integration, glass wall, open-plan layout, lofted sleeping area [More info]