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‘Lego meets Origami’? Troxes interlock to build just about anything

Troxes are geometric toys that interlock like Legos

Triangular building blocks All images via Kickstarter

Is it modular? Connectable? Does it even vaguely resemble a tiny building? Then you can bet it’s a toy that designers and architects will fawn over. New to this category are Troxes, tri-winged bits of paper that interlock with identical brethren to create spatially complex constructions evoking the work of Buckminster Fuller.

Within a week of launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring the product to market, creator Jonathan Bobrow has crowdfunded more than double his initial goal of $10,000.

Bobrow developed Troxes as a student at the MIT Media Lab when he got an assignment to make what’s called a “press-fit kit”—essentially a self-interlocking system of objects (like Legos). He liked the structural strength and efficiency of triangles and how these interlocking pieces could combine into larger structures: Tetrahedrons, octahedrons, and icosahedrons. Soon, the assignment turned into a full-blown obsession, and now, a business.

According to Bobrow, the novel spatial play promoted by his design can help rewire our brains—making it easier for us to envision the non-cubic spaces and constructs prevalent in the natural world.

Via: Kickstarter