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Off-grid modern house is a ring-shaped forest escape

The Spanish home is a loop consisting almost entirely of outdoor patio space

ring-shaped house in Spain All photos by Bas Princen via Dezeen

This is what happens when you let architects run wild. Years ago, French developer Christian Bourdais enlisted a handful of architects to each design a vacation home on a plot in the Spanish forest. The rules were simple: Create whatever you want within a set budget. And the ideas are weird. The first of these Solo Houses was finished in 2013, but now a second, ring-shaped abode has been completed.

Designed by Belgian firm Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, the circular home measures 150 feet in diameter and rests atop an atmospheric plateau. "Since the scenery is so impressive, we felt architecture should be invisible, merely emphasizing the natural qualities of the surroundings," the architects told Dezeen.

A metal mesh screen slides along the outer edge of the structure, providing sun protection and privacy. When opened, the rooms are fully connected to nature. The enclosed rooms—a living room, master bedroom, and guest room—make up less than 650 square feet of the building’s 17,220-square-foot footprint. The rest is largely outdoor patio space, of course.

The vacation home is also completely off-grid, powered by solar panels and storing on-site water in rooftop tanks.

Via: Dezeen