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Modern house with wild roof is all about the light

Each shed-like roof features a skylight

modern house with angled roof All photos via Dezeen

As any avid Curbed reader knows, there’s more than one way to bring natural light into a home. We’ve seen glass walls and massive light-diffusing screens, giant holes and raised structures. But with the Roof House in Copenhagen, Danish architect Sigurd Larsen has showcases yet another light-enhancing technique: The many-angled roof.

With no fewer than six separate slopes, the crown of Roof House was specifically designed to create an interior play of light. As Larsen writes in a description of the home, it was made to “catch both indirect and direct sunlight at the same time and turn in into an ever-changing experience when walking through the sequence of rooms.”

Each shed-like roof features a skylight, and the perpendicular arrangement of volumes creates interior courtyards acting as light wells, bringing the sun’s rays inside. This is further augmented by large plate glass windows and sliding doors in both the main living room and the master bedroom.

The exterior is clad in vertical slats of timber, which lend a sense of order and consistency to the multifaceted design. Interestingly, the homeowners liked their roofline so much, they had Larsen design a modular shelving system inspired by the angles and forms of the concept model.

Via: Dezeen