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Historic seaside home transformed into stunning ‘modern cave’

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The home fantastically balances old and new details

modern cave All photos by Amit Geron via Designboom

We’ve come to expect extraordinary work from Tel Aviv-based Pitsou Kedem Architects, whether it’s a brawny concrete villa, a minimalist retreat, or a pool-topped penthouse. But Pitsou has somehow managed to top themselves again with the airy transformation of a historic stone grotto into an undeniably modern abode in the ancient Israeli port city of Jaffa.

The team reconfigured the home’s layout to allow for more interior light, putting the stunning sea view front and center while retaining the curves of its vaulted ceilings and doorways. Uneven surfaces were corrected—with ample use of brilliant white plaster for the walls and arches, and stone for the floors.

In a brilliant design move, the kitchen’s massive stone dome was left un-plastered, adding a historic statement amid the minimalist white interior. Uncluttered surfaces and clean-lined furnishings offer a delicious contrast to the home’s old bones.

The entrance opens into the dining room, with a small den/office and bathroom to the right, and the kitchen and living room to the left. A thick-walled archway leads from the kitchen into a dressing room and bathroom connected with the bedroom, which also overlooks the sea. The home is roughly 1,075 square feet.

Via: Designboom