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Customizable ‘Nook’ bed can be for sleep, work, and play

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You can change up the color, fabric, and accessories

all-in-one bed All images via Designboom

Is “nook” now code for space-saving interior design? Evidence is certainly building in at least one corner of the world. In addition to this tiny Barcelona apartment living large through five clever storage nooks and plenty of efficient small dwellings designed by Barcelona-based firm Nook Architects, there’s now an all-in-one modern canopy bed called—what else?—“Nook.”

Conceived by Spanish product designer Carlos Tiscar, Nook is a simple framed bed that can be tricked out in myriad ways. While the idea seems very of the moment, the concept is actually a nod to Italian designer Bruno Munari’s 1971 Abitacolo bed, which was a bed-meets-toy that kids could modify as they pleased.

As seen in the promo images below, Nook can be customized by fabric, color (there’s even a Mondrian-inspired finish!), and a variety of accessories, including a bike mount, entertainment system, small desk, clothes rack, and mirror.

Via: Designboom