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Futo mattress fits in a backpack and inflates in 20 seconds

Never sleep on the ground again


Whether you’re camping in a retro vintage trailer or under the stars in a national park, sometimes you just need some extra padding. Inflatable mattresses may solve the comfort issue, but they can be a pain to blow up.

Not the Futo mattress, an oversized twin that is made to go anywhere. With an outer layer of high-quality ripstop material that’s water and heat resistant, the Futo takes only 20 seconds to inflate and will hold air for the whole night.

To inflate the Futo, you open the mattress and catch the air around you—usually in a total of three movements. Air flows into the four tubes evenly, then you roll it up and cinch it like a dry bag.

The Futo comes in an array of bright colors, has side pockets, and the company makes a pillow that uses the same technology. If you need a bigger mattress, stick two or more mattresses together using the integrated loops.

Individual mattresses cost $69 or you can opt for the Futo Full Pack (2 air pillows and a mattress) for $99.

Curious as to how it works? Check out the video below: